James and Katy's Wedding


  • Saturday 10th August.
  • Clifton College Guthrie Road Clifton Bristol BS8 3EZ
  • 4pm Service (Please come 30 minutes earlier)
  • 5pm Drinks on the lawn
  • 6pm Dinner Reception.

Our Letter To You

Dearest Friends,

Almost all of our friends now have children, and this truly is a wonderful thing! Katy and James are very much look forward to joining the club.

That said, our wedding is our big day, and we really hope that our holy matrimony will be tranquil. But this situation will be a bit hard to achieve if one of your little angels is crying during the service. Although we love your little ones, we want to let your hair down and enjoy yourselves. Therefore, please don’t take offence at our request, we are having a day for grown-ups. BUT, if this is not possible (e.g. because your baby is very tiny and you are travelling from a very long distance), please DO bring your babies, if that is the difference between being present at our wedding.

We also have prepared various food and alcoholic beverages accompanied by a soul band to celebrate this special day with you. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you can stay until 10 PM. It will give us more time to catch up with each other.

We very much look forward to you coming and please let us know if you intend to bring the apple of your eye in our RSVP form.

All our Love!

Wedding Gifts

Please don’t feel obliged to bring gifts (we can’t carry them all the way to Singapore, anyway). Your willingness to attend this party is already a very valuable gift!

However, there will be a donation box for anyone who would like to make a contribution to our honeymoon, OR you can transfer it to this account :

James Alexander Cox. Loyd Bank Account Number : 02621616.

Sort Code: 30-92-13

Thank You.

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